Monday, June 2, 2008

Magner Wins Georgia Cat 2 RR Title

Ty Magner, a member of the Hincapie/Barkley Junior Development team, was able to bridge up to the break during Sunday's state championship Georgia Cup road race in Union City and then got the jump in the sprint to win by .5 seconds. Ty was racing in the elite Cat 2,3 division. The race was 68 miles of rolling terrain.
Ty initiated his attack on a climb and brought only one rider with him. Together they were able to reach the break which set a blistering pace for the final 20 kilometers. Magner's support team during the race was his papa who handed him one bottle of water and did a superior job of lubing his chain prior to leaving for the race. He also blocked out the last two cogs on the rear cassette to bring the bicycle into compliance with USA Cycling junior rules. Ty normally rides a junior cassette but he left both of his on some borrowed wheels and forgot to remove them when he returned the wheels.
Another Griffin racer, Joe Waters, took third place in the Cat 4 road race. Joe is a student at West Georgia College.

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