Monday, July 28, 2008

Magner takes 3rd in Tour de Abitibi Prologue

Ty Magner, right, placed 3rd in the Tour de Abitibi Prologue, a 400 meter sprint. His Florida Velo team mate AJ Meyer, left, took 2nd and a New Zealander occupied the center of the podium. AJ is also from Georgia.
In the 1st Stage the following day, Ty sprinted to what he thought was a fifth place in the field sprint only to discover there were a few more laps in the circuit. He ended up in the back of the field after he sprinted for nothing.

In the 2nd stage Sunday, Ty finished in 9th place. American Iggy Silva, on the U.S. Team, placed third. Ty was the second highest American finisher in that stage. His team mate AJ Meyer was 10th overall at this point. Ty's mistake in the first stage did not help him in the overall standings.
Monday's stage was a time trial in the morning and a criterium in the early evening. Time trials have not been Ty's strength but he has had some good luck in criteriums. He will finish in Canada on Tuesday and will travel with the Hincapie-Barkley team to Nationals in Los Angeles the first week of August. If you want to follow the Tour de Abitibi you can get there by using this website: You have to click around some to get to the English version and then to the PDF results. The News button also has good information.

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