Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pine Mountain Fun Ride

This bike riding thing really can be a lot of fun. That was proven again Saturday when the Middle Georgia cycling crew was hosted by Harold and Dale at Pine Mountain. The ride started at the Country Store at the intersection of Highway 27 and Highway 190. It began with a descent into Hamilton and then the long climb back to the town of Pine Mountain and then back up the mountain to Highway 190.

Chuck C., Harold, Dale, Steve, Rose, Jim, Michelle, Bruce and Manchester/Destin resident Martin made the Pine Mountain tour. The picture was made at Dowdell's Knob, one of Franklin Roosevelt's favorite picnic spots. Rose and Steve shortcut back to the Country Store after Dowdell while the rest of the crew swept into Shiloh and then tackled King's Gap before descending back to the campground where Harold cooked up some burgers and veggie hotdogs on the grill.

A good time was had by all. The dip in the Liberty Bell pool was just right to finish off the day.

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Moxie said...

Missing you guys! Looks like you had fun!